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How do you deal with awkward conversations with those who you depend on? By awkward conversations, I mean approaching someone with the intent to fire them. In some circumstances, the only way reason I would fire someone is if they stole a product, lied about anything, or missed multiple shifts in a row without reason. Although firing an employee for the reasons listed above is an automatic, it still makes for an awkward conversation that can turn sour if not approached the correct way.

In the part-time employment world, the interviews for these applicants are extremely limited. So a good first impression doesn’t necessarily lead you with the best impression. In the retail world, especially my company, an applicant can apply, come in for an interview the next day, and be put on the schedule the very next week. Background checks for part-time employees in a multinational company can be a little pricy, so it’s understandable why corporate doesn’t perform them. For example, three weeks later you find out someone has stolen a few hundred dollars of merchandise under your nose. This is an automatic decision for termination, correct? Yes! But what is your approach?

The best way I’ve found is to bring the employee aside and talk to them one on one. This is so you don’t embarrass that person in front of their co-workers. Next would be to give as much of your own knowledge on your part as possible so you give a valid reason as to why you’re firing this particular employee. Bringing your knowledge on the matter will help to reduce a backlash on their part, and will also not give them the opportunity to lie or blame the incident on another employee. Once this part is over, you NEVER speak of the termination to any other employees as this is considered slander. Lastly, build on this experience and learn to observe your employees during their employment. It takes some experience, but you can differentiate the ones who can be trustworthy or not.


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