A leader cant lead unless he knows where he’s going

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When you manage a retail store full of teenagers and young 20’s, some may consider you a leader, and some may just consider you their boss. I guess this is only relevant if you care how you’re viewed amongst your staff. If you want to be just a manager and get through the days of work, then that’s great. But if you want to be viewed as a leader to your staff, then it starts with you first.

The first thing to do is to take time to reflect on yourself. Ask yourself questions like:

Am I in a job that I have a passion for?

Do I look forward to going to work tomorrow and then the next day? or next week even?

Do I plan on bettering myself today and learning one new thing?

If you can’t answer these simple questions, then how can you plan on having that passion for your job that is required to be a leader? You have to lead yourself first, otherwise there’s no place to lead others. You may end up pushing off all your discomfort of your job onto your staff which can lead others of the same job disatisfaction.

The catch here is that even if you start finding yourself dissatisfied with your line of work, remember that there was most likely a time when you did have passion and pushed it around to your staff. In this situation, you may unknowingly be a leader to most, and still are!

Find out what’s important to you. If you can’t stand your work, but know your employees look to you for guidance and motivation, maybe that should surpass you of like of your job.  For me, that’s a pretty big motivational factor and defiantly keeps me looking forward to tomorrow.

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