Another one down…

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Go to a mall..really any mall and there is probably an empty store, or an empty spot filled with a no-name brand just to full-fill a lease. Where I work, there is a store closing down every few months or so. It scares the hell outta me! Since I can’t move at the moment, I constantly fear that my store is next on the chopping block, and I might be out of a job. Of course with lots of reassurance from upper management, it helps with security, but the thought is still there.

So what do you in that situation? I found the worse thing is to actually worry about closure (and this is for every type of business, not just retail). Thinking about what may or may not happen will drive you insane and will in the long-run hurt your business more, since you never get any actually work done. You can and should definitely make the most out of this situation however. Sort of a live like your dying sense. Some days, seeing stores around me shut down gives me fuel to make my store the best in the mall. I’ve always strived to bring customers back into my store, and taking advantage of smaller choices for customers, my store should flourish!

I’ve found that people are attracted to a staff full of knowledge of the product and are extremely friendly.  If you find what your customer loves about going into your store, or dealing with your business, you can work on your management styles to create a more productive environment. This will also help with your own personal growth since you will be able to see what techniques brought people back, and what shoved them away.

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One thought on “Another one down…

    Russell Aaron said:
    February 20, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    I completely agree that worrying is pretty much the worse thing you can do in that situation (always easier said than done). I think being the best employee you can is the proper course of action, and always serving the customer first will serve your business in the end!

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