Work or Play?

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When you apply for a job, you take on the responsibility that you will be on time every shift and will do your best when you’re at work. Most importantly, you say “I will be at work in a great state of mind every shift, and I take my job seriously, no matter what I’m doing.”

A few years back I had three great employees who enjoyed their work and did what I asked for the most part. But they were reliable and were willing to take other’s shifts if needed. However, one morning, they were scheduled at 7am to do some updating on our store. These shifts are early enough as it is, but needs even more attention and motivation than a normal time shift. But these three employees decided to throw a part at their house the night before and felt they could stay up all night and suck it up and head onto work at 7am. Sounds great at the time…until 7am rolls around.

This turned out to be a heavy college party with lots of drinking, which is fine in my mind if you have nothing important the next morning. These guys kept drinking till the morning and ended up being an hour late to work still drunk! First issue is that they drove that way, but second was that they were late and visually noticeable to be intoxicated.

So how do you confront them? Do you send them home with a warning, or fire them on the spot if this is the first time they ever did anything wrong? Next, how do you deal with the ridicule from the other associates? Some will agree and some will disagree with whatever decision you make. As a manager, you have to live and die with your decisions, especially when they involve those who haven’t had any life experiences to fully understand the ramifications of your decision. What would you do in this situation?

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(Charlie Sheen seemed like the most appropriate picture to use at this time)


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