Once a mistake, twice a habit

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If you follow my twitter account, I post five manager mistakes a week that i’ve made over the years. I’m not sure if I’m making too many of them because they come to head too quickly, or if it’s actually a good thing and these mistakes will better me in the long run.

The issue with mistakes is not to repeat them. You can make a list a mile long with things you’ve done wrong in the past, work or personal, but essentially, it’s just a list. It means nothing unless you take a hard look at the actual mistakes and think about how you can avoid them in the future. I usually talk about how mistakes define you as a manager. It’s always alright to make mistakes, but if you do nothing to change them, then you’re not bettering yourself and you end up aggravating your co-employees and making an un-pleasant work environment.

I tip that I follow when creating a list of past mistakes is to refresh yourself with them constantly. Study your past practices and remember what the effects were. Even if the outcome wasn’t severe, it still counts as a mistake, and should be avoided in the future. Topics like this cannot be studied in college, so you need to take your own initiative and make the suitable changes. You should always think about the effects your mistakes have on other people. If you mistakes are costing your company money, or even jobs, then an extreme hard look on your mistakes is recommended.  It’s best to make all your mistakes at the entry level so you can gain better experience for the time in your career where you make a huge difference in your company.

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