If You Have Three Dollars, Don’t Spend Four!

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When managing a store that involves part-time employees, hours management may be at the top of your to-do list every morning and night. Typically, most stores in the retail world allow a certain amount of hours deemed necessary to run your business. First step as a manager is to be aware of changes and to assume changes in customer spending depending on the year. Study what happened last year, and be aware of events going on in your town. If it’s Christmas season, be even more aware.

The hardest part of hours management is thinking you will need more when your corporate office sends you a small amount of hours. Instead of complaining, prioritize tasks better in the morning. Find ways to be more efficient. Most stores out there has seen a significant decrease in hours given over the last few years, and this changes how you run the business. You will have to search harder for better and more efficient employees, and spend a little extra time training them so they can handle more work.

From what I’ve experienced, is that if you do overspend hours, the result should high productivity.  You’ll probably hear about it from the corporate level, but as long as you can speak of your performance and what you accomplished, improvement of your business will be evident.  If your the small business owner, you are the one who has to deal with hour management problems. Setting the actual numbers each day will take experience from trial and error and sales trends. Keep in mind that cutting hours, cuts your employees wages and may lead to some turnover. The happy median is based off of knowledge of your business and customer spending.

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