Private Means Private…Right?

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Employees will talk amongst themselves, and managers will talk amongst themselves.  But what happens when employees and managers talk about private issues, especially if they’re about other employees? This seems like an obvious solution, but this isn’t necessarily a perfect world.  I thought of some tips that might help out when employees tell managers private information and what the results may be.

1.)  If your employee think it’s private, you as a manager must treat it as private! – If an employee tells you something personal you must keep it within the people who it affects. If you have five managers that deal with decision making and need to know employee relations, then you must express that to the employee that all managers will need to know their private matter, unless that employee has a problem with it. Now it stays ONLY with the managers designated to know that private matter.

2.)  If your employee tells you a private matter about another employee – This should be treated as a close door situation. You should take that employee into your office privately and explain that only the employee with the private matter should be the one expressing the matter. Even though you now know about the matter, wait till that employee comes to you. Going to them can create complications, especially with trust issues amongst employees.

Spreading personal matters (gossiping) to people who have no business knowing it can create a decrease in moral and trust. Keeping private matters to yourself shows that you have respect for your employees and you honor their wishes.

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