Don’t Spend Too Much Time Running Away To Realize What You’ve Been Running Toward

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Management can be an art especially if you’re new to the game. It doesn’t really matter what type of business your managing, problems will arise. It’s how you deal with the problems that can lead to your success. You manage employees, time, situations, but you also need to manage yourself.

We all have those off days where one bad email or a bad phone call can ruin it. As hard as it is to realize this, but that’s part of the job. Someone is always upset with someone. If you make a mistake, take a bad shortcut, or do something dishonest, then own up to it. The bad email or phone call will still be the same, but at least you know how to avoid the situation in the future. If you feel you never do anything wrong, or you never want to take blame, then these bad emails and phone calls will continue.

You also can’t let things get to you. I’ve learned that getting “yelled” at can actually be used as a motivator. Sure you’ll fell upset, mad, or sad, but always look at the positive.  Even if you have a terrible boss that just yells for no reason, take the initiative to be proactive in your managing. Don’t let things slide or pushed aside. Getting yelled at should make you mad enough to improve yourself as a manager.

Remember that if you are determined to be successful, getting in trouble for anything shouldn’t wear you down. I’ve always gone off of the “ask for forgiveness, not permission” statement. If then you make a mistake, own up and think about how to avoid this in the future.


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