Can’t You Spare A Square?

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Some upper management have funny ways of motivating their employees especially when it comes to telling them they did a good job or complementing someone’s’ work. I’ve heard this same story from managers all over the country saying that their bosses don’t even recognize their accomplishments. They figured that their bosses think it’s just expected. However, their bosses do recognize their mistakes.

I’ve learned that this is a somewhat effective method. It is frustrating to never be recognized on the good you do, but when you get your mistakes pointed out to you, you learn from them even more. I don’t think you should necessarily work in fear, but should definitely keep it in mind. But like I said, this is only Somewhat of an effective method. People like to hear that reassurance that their doing their work well.

An effective boss in my mind can do both. He should be able to point out only the exceptional accomplishments and make sure that all mistakes are being pointed to ensure they are put to an end. Some of the complaints I’ve heard in this situation is that some employees don’t feel appreciated and the work the do is unimportant. They’re basically begging for their bosses to say something good, anything good about their work. Bosses that don’t point out good things may also talk amongst the organization saying “all they do is make mistakes, never anything good.” That’s bad press for that employee especially if they want to grow within the company. My advice again is to only point out exceptional work, and make sure all mistakes are crushed at the start.

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