Hello!, Now Get To Work!

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How important are employee orientations to you? Some days I honestly dreaded teaching a brand new employee the ropes because I had too much work and other things to deal with, or just plain laziness. Orientations for me usually took 4 or so hours to fully explain the process of the job, and then require training everyday and lots of upkeep.

The problem with the lack of orientation of part-time employees, even full-timers, can be that they can make constant mistakes or not follow procedures that can hurt the organization. They can also lose interest in the position because they don’t fully understand everything that is going on. The worse, in my mind, is that they can even feel pushed aside and quit the job spreading bad (but true) rumors about the business, tacking your name to the top of the list.

Understand that these new employees are there to create value to your business. They’re there to help the organization grow and maintain your daily business operations. They may also be a employee who wants to grow in the company and because of your leadership, may be a life-time employee.

You should treat every new employee the same whether who they or if you like them or not. Every employee deserves the same training and respect from their manager. This lessen will also define you as what situations in your career that you take seriously. Ask yourself what you want to be known as and what type of a boss do the very new employees see you as.

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