Friendly Competition? or Intra-Work Death Match?

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Life involves death, taxes, and competition. Everything involves competition especially if you are working your way up the ranks in a company. But your probably thinking to yourself, “All my co-employees are my friends, and we’re all equal when it comes down to it.” Hate to say it, but there’s a very fine line between friendship and arch rivalry in the workplace.

In my current job, I’m getting to be good friends with my co-workers. I have a great deal of respect since they are going out of their way to teach me the ropes and make me progress. But I still want a better title, position, pay grade, and office, and that takes some serious competition since everyone else wants the same.

A few things i’ve learned over time when trying to achieve that promotion is that you need to make sure that everyone knows you want the promotion, NOT that you think you deserve it and it should be handed out to you. My last promotion I received took me a long time to prove that I wanted it. But in the retail world, you should never stab anyone in the back, or doing anything devious to get that job, since you most likely will still be working with the people you beat out!

I’m in a new HR job as of now, and since I since I came from the top of my old job, to the very bottom of this one, I have some serious learning to do. But even though I want more out of the job, when I get to that point, I will help out anyone for any reason to better their careers. You should respect your co-workers and figure out where the friendship lies. Friendship can get you into trouble, but the message i’m conveying is to respect your superiors and even more your subordinates since if you do one day get that promotion, those subordinates may still be YOUR subordinantes.

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