Some Bosses Out There…..

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I want to make a checklist in this blog deriving from my past situations that will make you think about how you deal with a boss you basically don’t think should be your boss. Here’s my advice, but ask yourself how you would deal with these situations since they may different.

Situation 1 – Your boss texts you on your day off to tell you that you did something wrong.

– Don’t respond and don’t let it ruin your day off.

– When arriving to work the next day, talk to your boss aside about the situation. Maybe they had a bad day and needed someone to yell at. But never blow anything out of context since that will make the workplace a little more hostile.

Situation 2 – Your boss just screamed at an employee in front of customers.

– Be proactive! Take that employee aside and talk them down since they most likely will be furious about the recent embarrassment. Tell them that you will talk to your boss and explain to him/her that they should never yell at an employee in front of others especially customers

– Make sure to get to your boss asap and don’t let the situation “slide.” This is the best time to explain that what they did was embarrassing, and that customer will most likely be telling this situation to their friends.

Situation 3 – Your boss is a hypocrite.

– That doesn’t mean that YOU get to be one too! Know what your goals are in life, and if you see something your boss does that you don’t agree with, keep doing your own job and try not to let things like that interrupt your final goal.

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