Those Cannons Could Sink A Ship

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I’m just as much of a victim as others may be to the topic of this blog. If you work in the finance department, you might not have a lot of respect for the accounting department. If you work as a part-timer, Human Resources probably isn’t important to you. If you are an executive, “employee of the month” may seem like the biggest waste of time!

If you follow my past blogs, i’ve changed positions from a manager running a store, to working in an HR department and (another life lesson) have a HUGE appreciation for HR departments for companies. This makes me think about all departments and I realize that if one department doesn’t pull their weight, the company doesn’t run as efficient as possible. I’ll admit that I was somewhat naive to think that only MY department mattered and there was no help from elsewhere. Dumb…

A good business choice, in my opinion would be to experience other departments even if it’s not your strength. If you have a small workload, see if you can follow a fellow employee and experience something new. Pick up a “for dummies” book and take a few minutes to study another aspect of your business. It’s never a waste of time to learn something new about your company and about another field. This will make you more well rounded as well as give you the possibility of maybe finding a new strength that will help you with your own field.

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