Ask For Forgiveness, Not Permission

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This blog is going to be about being proactive in your workplace. I was just told by a co-employee that they spent half their life clawing their way to the middle. If the middle is all you want, then shoot for it, but if you want to go more to the top, if not the very top, doing your daily tasks and what’s asked of you won’t cut it. You must be proactive and go beyond your daily tasks to improve your systems and improve your company. Here’s a list of what you can do…

-Develop a better system that you are currently using. Yes this may result in a few nights and weekends worked, but that may be the price of success.

-Develop a better operating procedure if there isn’t one already in place. Improve your systems and find ways to be more efficient with your and everyone else’s time.

-Make more relationships with others in your workplace and make sure they know you can be counted on.

-Stop worrying about “blowing the company up.” Unless you lose the company millions of dollars from negligence, then you should worry. But if you have ideas or suggestions, just do them. But make sure you can justify your work with good reasons that will improve the situations

Just remember that being proactive takes understanding your business first. Once you understand the operations, then improve. But don’t start trying to make yourself look better and more impressive if you don’t have the knowledge to back up your actions.

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