Fraternization Can Lead To ______

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There’s levels in the corporate office that you can either respect them or not. But how you react in your “level” represents your professionalism. If you’re a part-timer, then it’s ok to act like a part-timer sometime. Not knowing everything and asking a lot of questions is expected. When your a new manager, you’re ok to not know a lot at first, even a year in. But when your at the top of your store or business, your expected to know most everything and to act the most professional. This also means that you sometimes stand alone.

Leaders fall under this assumption sometimes as well. They usually are on their own when making decisions and should not chose favorites in the workplace. It can be a lonely place, but that’s the price you pay for leading others.

However, fraternization in some corporate standings are a serious deal. It always seems “cool” to hang out with your boss and share a “friendship” relationship with them, especially when others don’t. This is bad news from the start.

Fraternization can mean favoritism. Spending outside time with employees that are outside of your employment level can cause serious issues with those who don’t get that opportunity. Of course there’s always those employees who you favor, but you should ALWAYS treat everyone the same under all circumstances. I felt terrible when I had an employee quit because they felt left behind or not appreciated. I also saw a lot of I guess you could say jealousy from others. Unequal workloads can be divided out as a result of fraternization as well.

My advice to you is to treat all levels equal. Spend time outside of work with those who are on the same level as you. If you are at the top of the latter, make sure you have outside work friends…cause you should not spend outside time with lower levels.

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