The Effects of Personal Responsibility

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Corporations should have a responsibility to make sure their not hurting the environment, donating money to charities, or improving employment life for example. But should you yourself have a personal responsibility, to better an aspect of your company that may be sub-par? What do you think will benefit you if you do other job tasks that aren’t asked of you?

This topic links in with being proactive. Some people are fine with showing up to work at 8, and leaving a 5, leaving EVERYTHING at 5. If you think positive at least one night a week about work when your at home, then you obviously show that you have some interest into your company. But do you have a personal responsibility to improve your company? Probably no, but you may want to think about finding new ways to improve your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility that is already in place, or even just small things that don’t work around the office place.

Essentially when you are hired on, your responsibility is to do your work to the fullest extent of your ability. My advice would be to find something you disagree with or are unhappy with and suggest a way to improve upon it. This can be your personal responsibility to your company. Once again, this involves being proactive, which will benefit you in many ways. You will be seen by your superiors as a hard-worker who wants to go above and beyond your daily job duties, as well as seen by your peers as someone who cares about others.

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