New Job Issues

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So I went from the top
to very bottom by switching careers, and it made me think about my last position and how I could have handled things better. When I started i my last position, I was by the book 100%. I tried my best not to let anything fly or anything slip through my fingers. 8 months in…might have been a different story. I obviously saw a future that may not have been for me, so i let things slide a little.
Rule number 1: Even if you’re looking for a new position or just unhappy with your current one, don’t make my mistake and let things slide. You’re still there for a reason, and the last thing you ever want is to be fired for negligence…
Just remember that people still count on you especially if your in the top management position. I had 50 or so employees underneath me that kept me going even though I saw dead ends in my last career. Evaluate your surroundings now. Again, just because YOU may not be too happy with your position, doesn’t mean your situation is that bad. I worked for a great boss who was a true friend and someone I could count on. So in my case, outside factors didn’t matter…
Make sure your transition is about your life and not other factors. If you’re unhappy with the outside situation you’re in, the next move you make may be even worse. Changing careers should be selfish only. You’re trying to better yourself, and if you see dead ends, move on…if not, don’t make dumb mistakes by quitting for the wrong reasons

2 thoughts on “New Job Issues

    Russell Aaron said:
    April 26, 2011 at 10:52 am

    Hey Tom, wonderful article! I definitely understand where you’re coming from, and the transition out of a job was tough for me as well. You really don’t want to be there but on the flipside you can’t let people down either…by the way, hilarious picture 🙂

      rtomsaxton responded:
      April 26, 2011 at 7:58 pm

      yah’s can be crazy

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