Don’t Confuse “Should Be” with “Is”

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Employees should be showing up on time. They should be working during the hours stated. They should be professional. They should be trying to improve their company. They should be trying to improve their co-employees career. They should be respecting their workplace and not stealing supplies. They…you get the point..

What are employees at your workplace actually doing? There’s a bigger list of what I just wrote up there, but those were all I could think of. But in a perfect world, employees should be doing those stated. That’s what will improve their own lives as well as the company as a whole. It can lead to bigger raises and a higher morale especially if the company is improving dramatically.

But be honest, slacking is part of human nature. I’ve done it many times, as well as everyone other human being i’ve ever come into contact (maybe a hand full of exceptions). However, you should evaluate your time though. If you live off of deadlines, slacking shouldn’t be in your vocabulary. If not, you should think about how to use your time efficiently to get ahead, get more done, or show you can do more work than your co-employees. Stop telling yourself you that you “should” be doing work and are just too lazy, or not motivated, or whatever other excuse you can use. If you’re a new manager or a new employee just out of college, it kills me say sometime, but don’t bring that college procrastination to your job. This should be the time when you produce your best work.

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