Take Me Out To The Ballgame

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I want to talk about something different in this blog. We all know about the Bin Laden killing that happened May 1st, but I noticed a different side that was brought to my attention. I was driving home from work today listening to a local Reno sports radio show where they were talking about the Mets/Phillies game. About 11:30pm or so was when the news about Bin Laden being killed was spread out to the world. Fans all over the stadium checked their phones to see that their facebook updates, new updates, whatever updates, and found out the news. Suddenly, they all start chanting USA! The players were most likely oblivious to the update, but soon after, the entire stadium was directed to the screen to see the news. Announcers also told the radio world, without skipping a beat announcing the games I might add.

But what I was most impressed about was how news like that interrupted a sporting event. It showed true unity of this country. The radio hosts brought up the issue of whether or not the news was worth stopping the game. I think the fact that this was such a huge issue, that even a sporting event doesn’t triumph news about the defense of our country. If you even went to ESPN.com or Foxsports.com, they directed you to ABC news for the full story. This shows that the sports world is an enormous business, and saw that this was a great way to spread the news to all those fans who never tune to another channel or website that doesn’t have the word “sports” in it. Yesterday was a monumental day for America, and to speak to those radio hosts, I feel that stopping the game was a necessity.

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