One Man Drinking Games

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We’ve all gone out and partied at one point in our lives. We’ve all had that one night were a bottle of wine turned into almost a case…This is all fine, also it’s one of the joys of turning 21 to most. But here’s a situation you should think about:

Your at a bar going to town on your drink selection, where some co-employees walk in for dinner. They don’t have the same intention on out-drinking the rest of the bar, but just to have a dinner and a drink or two to break up that work week. You meet eyes and approach each other. Your co-employees notice that your basically 27 drinks deep, and start to end the conversation cause frankly your being annoying. You then try your best to keep the conversation going by spreading a rumor your heard about someone else you work with. You start exaggerating, making the story sound better, and making yourself look stupid. Your co-employees finally end the conversation and you go back to order another drink.

Now back at the office the next day, the word has gotten around about your impressive showing. People start looking down on you, and the rumor you spread has gotten out of hand. Now what do you think would happen to your career off of one dumb night? Do you think you’ll lose your good standing, your promotion you’ve been waiting for, your raise, possibly your job?

I know your probably asking if this is a true story about me…No… but as I start working in a more professional environment, I start to notice how important image outside of the work place is to some. Think twice about how you present yourself when out on the town. It can change your entire career.

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