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Some companies give yearly reviews, and some multiple throughout the year. But as a manager, do you see this task as a way to improve your staff by providing quality feedback, or do you see this as just another task that you have to do on top of your already large work load.

I thought giving reviews were sometimes a pain, just because I felt that I was reiterating things that I made a point of telling my other managers on a daily basis. I also would sometimes recognize the fact that improvement comes from criticism on your part. So telling other managers that they’re not pulling their weight can prove to be a little difficult.

Giving the review can go a few ways. You first need to understand what level your other managers or employees can take improvement notes. If they’re real sensitive to criticism, then you will need to have a game plan on how to approach certain topics. If they can take it, still be sensitive, but make sure they know your serious about what your discussing.

If your top management, you should have the professionalism to take whatever criticism your boss gives you. Remember that top management has a role to improve the business, and needs that outside view of where your faults are.  It’s an important lesson in life to be able to hear where your improvements are. I feel that reviews are also a great way to lay everything out on the table.  My advice would be to tell all the things that your managers are doing well everyday, and overall general improvements during the reviews.

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