I Hope This Doesn’t Happen To Me

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When you work in the HR department, you not only deal with all of the employees in whatever company you work for, you also deal with everyone else in the HR department. What can be tough is dealing with your own department and being sensitive enough to deal with things you may think are a burden. This is when mistakes can arise by going through co-employees’ personal records. You can lose your attention to detail creating issues for that employee as well as hurting your own employment.

I was told a story the other day that opened my eyes to how serious dealing with other employees records could be detrimental to their future. This person started in the HR department learning all of the aspects similar to what I’m doing now. However, there employment status didn’t allow them to claim a savings plan for the first three months. The HR assistant doing that persons paperwork at the time still put in that this person was allowed to claim this plan. A few years later it was found out that that person wasn’t supposed to collect a savings payment. So it resulted in them having to write a check for those months as well as interest earned over a few years.

Small mistakes like this can possibly ruin some ones future without them even having any knowledge of it. I’ve found that paying attention to small details especially for those in your own department is just good practice.

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