Where Do I Have To Start Now?

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I’ve talked a lot about the transition from being at the very top and then changing jobs to end up at the very bottom. I found that giving up power can really define who you are. It can show how much of an initiative you take to try and learn something foreign to you. It also shows what kind of a drive you really have.

Obviously your first job right out of school should be something that you spend all your focus on. You don’t have any schoolwork anymore, and usually you have motives to gain some money, whether it’s bills, rent, or loans. But say after spending a few years and a few promotions, your sitting well. But the question is whether or not you are willing to start over, especially if your used to pretty much everything at your last job. Do you bring your old position’s attitude with you to your new job? Do you expect other’s to things for you even though you have no authority?

It definitely is hard to switch roles. But being at the top means you should know that there are people at the bottom who put up with a lot of stuff they don’t want to be doing. Keep that in mind when you switch, and just understand that everyone had to go through these troubles. Also, don’t hesitate to let people know your lost or even to ask questions. If you want to get back up to the top, your going to need to go though these processes again.

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