5 Findings For A New Job Transition

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A couple months ago I put some tips on making a job transition a little more easy. Now that i’ve been working for two months i’ve noticed a few new things about my job and myself.

First, i’ve definitely passed the point of using the “I have no clue what your talking about because i’m still new here” excuse. This is actually a great feeling for me because I feel I can be relied on and needed now. Also, this means that the learning curve is growing and you start to absorb things you did in training.

Second, i’ve always felt that the people aspect of a job is extremely important. After two months, faces in the hallways become more familiar, and relationships start to build.  You are able to start learning more about the people you work with on a personal level which in turn allows you to understand their own work ethic.

Third, i’ve developed a better relationship with my boss. I’ve found myself asking smarter questions and showing him that the work I’m producing is beneficial to the department, and hopefully that turns into getting harder tasks with more responsibility.

Fourth, after two months, you’ll start to appreciate your company more. You start to learn the history and learn about key people in top rankings. I knew a little about my company when I started, but now things are starting to tie together and make sense on why the work I’m doing is needed.

Lastly, this goes along with building relationships with co-employees, but you learn who is happy with their position, and who wants to move up. Most people think that having a top position is too stressful, or extremely undesirable. But I guess it’s just because I’m in my mid-twenties that makes me want my boss’s job in the future. That’s pretty much the reason why I work.

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