Anger Management

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I don’t deal with the customer base anymore, but I do deal with other managers and HR liaisons in the field. And what’s been great about having a retail background is that I’ve learned how to deal with angry customers, and that’s allowed me to deal with angry liaisons.

I deal a lot with payroll in the state of Nevada, and every two weeks when timecards need to be put in and processed, all issues come to me. Being new, this obviously isn’t the easiest thing to deal with, but eventually i’ll get the hang of it real fast. I had a liaison this past week call me about one of their employees not receiving a check. Her time was put in and looked good on my part. Called the payroll office who issues checks, and they stated that the check was sent and that the bank had the money. So I forwarded this message, and had the employee call their bank to confirm. The bank states that there is no check.

Now i’m essentially the middle man in the situation who will receiving the yelling. I’m thinking this is fantastic…. The employee fills a form out to reissue a new check and find out where the past check went. The issues I had to hold back on were the fact, that this employee waited 4 days after she was supposed to receive her check to inform anyone. This is an issue that needs to be brought up, but in a calm manner, because people do get distracted and lose track of time. A tip on how to deal with this situation is to work closely with the liaison in a very understanding manner. It’s not your fault the employee didn’t receive a check. Most likely it’s no one’s fault, just a mailing error. It happens… But devote your time, and push this kind of an issue to the top of your to-do list and ensure the liaison that you’re working non-stop to resolve the issue. Keeping everyone else calm in this situation is essential.

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