Don’t Work For Only Right Now!

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Can you be a leader even if you have no followers? Usually you can define a leader by having years of experience in some field, or someone who has almost an obsessive drive to succeed. Also, someone who always takes responsibility simply from their position.

The leader position came to me in my last position by the territory that i was in. I had to take responsibility for every action, even if I didn’t know what happened. Now that i’m out of that position and have no employees underneath me, do I still throw that leadership and responsibility quality out the window?

Why don’t you be the leader of yourself? If your in your first job out of college, or even your second, you have that drive needed to get that job. Following another leader or dealing with a mentor makes sense for some work-related things, but you can be your own leader to continue that drive to get to where you want in life. You may not be out of the college freedom era of your life, so going to work everyday might be a task in it’s own. A different stress may arise, and you will have to learn to deal with other people other than your drinking partners.

This is where being your own leader comes into place. You need to see the big picture and know that work life is a tough transition from college life. But essentially, your not working for your life right now, your working for the rest of you life.

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