I’m Not Sure If This Is Right

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Should you always have a backup even if your in a great job? What’s the point though? You love your job and want to be there as long as you can work. But is that best that you can do? If it is, then stop reading, but most people, especially newly college grads and grad school grads don’t mind taking better offers for 10 maybe 15 years after college.

This isn’t a bad thing. You have to be selfish when it comes to your career and your life. You go to college to make a better life for yourself and there should be no difference when looking at other opportunities. For example, I loved my last job, but I saw dead ends, and needed a new change of pace.

This is why we build relationships with people who we deal with in business. It’s called networking. Someone you make deals with might have you eye on you and may have a better offer with more opportunity. I’d say take if it makes the most sense. Changing jobs isn’t something that should be done over a hard night of drinking, but instead, it should be thought out. All angles should be looked at and opportunity at your current position should show signs of ending.

I felt bad for a while when leaving my last job since I had made so many good relationships especially with my boss. This should be normal, but you have to realize that it’s your life, and the decision on what you do is made by you and only you.

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