How Do You Deal With Good News?

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After deciding to make a better career for yourself, you spend more time at work, work harder and more efficient, and spend extra time learning new ways to improve your job. It isn’t noticed right away, but after a few weeks your boss starts to pick up on your good habits and starts giving you bigger assignments. Then your boss finally tells you that your doing a good job and your valuable to the company.

That’s great news right? But how do you take it? Does it give you more motivation to improve even more, or do you go back to your old habits and actually work less? I came from a job where good news was rarely recognized, but bad news was always dished out. So if i ever hear good news, then I feel like my boss actually recognizes my good work.

I’ve found that you shouldn’t wait and expect to hear good news from your bosses because then your essentially only working for praise. Instead, work to impress yourself. Good things will only follow, and if you still only hear bad news, just think of it as things to improve. No one out there is doing their job 100%, so bad news will always come. It’s how you react to the improvement that you make. Lastly, don’t make that excuse off your boss only tells you bad news… This makes your own job morale drop faster that you can imagine. And when you do get good news, use it to improve your job even more!

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