Am I Really Asking For More Work??

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You’re workload isn’t probably the highest when you start a new job since training takes over your life and responsibilities aren’t quiet there yet. But you do try to keep busy all hours of the day learning and most importantly retaining the information so your job becomes second nature. I’ve actually started to like when other staff members give me tedious and easy jobs so repetition comes in and you can start showing your capabilities.

But when is the time to start asking for more work, at least more important and more credible work. I get to a point where I want to contribute more and feel like people can respect my work. However, I always think about the right times to ask for more work. There’s a few downfalls to this:

You may feel overwhelmed

The work you ask for may be too much for you resulting in poor performance.

The upside for asking for more credible work is:

Wanting to show everyone you work with that you’re willing to take on more responsibility.

It can lead to future promotions and better reviews for yourself.

Take in account your KSA’s (knowledge, skills, and abilities) when asking for more work. If you ask too early, problems can arise and can be detrimental to your job. Ask too late and it may show a lack of interest in your job and that your afraid of responsibility.

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