How Do You Pass The Time?

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How do you deal with office boredom? No seriously… I’m asking you to comment with how you deal with finding yourself stare out into space if you have no work, or if the work you’re given makes you want to pull all your hair out. What’s bad is I’m seeing people at my work who have been here for years with ton of work having the same problem sometimes.

Sometimes what I’ve found to help with the boredom is to take over other people’s work when you’ve completed your own work. The only problem with this is that you may overwhelm yourself with TOO MUCH work…

Being new still, I’ve tried to make appointments with co-workers to shadow their work, and just have them talk out loud what they’re working on. The only way I can learn is by doing the work myself and making ton of mistakes. But at least by shadowing others, you’re able to familiarize yourself with a new program or process. Because let’s face it, you’re not going to learn really anything in college that you will use at your job. It’s all on the job training.

I’ve also constantly tried to make everyone know that I want to learn new things or do the tedious tasks that no one wants to do to keep myself familiar with the process and programs.  Lastly, if someone is out on vacation or sick, try to take over their work the best you can. This will kill the boredom and will also show you are capable of taking on new tasks and that you want to learn new things and move up.

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