New Job Difficulties

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Some people think that career builder or monster job sites will automatically just find you a job once you sign up for them. I hate to say it, but I think it’s rare that anyone has ever gotten a legitimate job on those sites. Lots of scams, and lots of jobs that require way too many years of specialized experience.

I had someone call me today at work asking about a job that we posted and was so under qualified I didn’t have the heart to tell her not to bother applying. The problem was that she was way over qualified for her age and education. So for her trying to get her first job was going to either be impossible, or she would have to settle with something that would make her second guess going to work everyday.

My advice was to continue to apply, just for the practice of interviews and getting her name out in the field she went to school for. Besides, the majority of people don’t stay at the same job and/or company their whole life. You’ll find you’ll excel at one thing only to find it bores you and you finally change your interests. Now you’re at the bottom working your way back up. More knowledgeable however. Don’t be discouraged to find something you feel is below your standards. You have to start somewhere, just make sure you excel and take an interest in your first job out of college. You’re next one may be the job of your dreams.

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