Where’s the Balance?

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Whether this is your first job, or maybe your second job right out of college, you many think it’s only just go to work, head home to hang out with your friends or girlfriend, and have zero “life” issues on the side. Not only after college do you lose a significant amount of time by going to work (unless you worked full time and went to school full time…and for that I applaud you!), but there’s new bills out there that need to be paid, and if you rent a house or even own one, you now have two full time jobs!

But the biggest thing I’ve noticed about the transition into a new/more demanding job (and this applies to your first job as well) is the sacrifice you need to make. I used to spend all my time at the river or lake, or going skiing, or just catching up on re-runs of every sitcom out there. The issue with this, however, is that the sacrifice can take over your life and you can end up losing focus in your job because you believe your still in college.

Face it, your job isn’t going to be your dream job right out of college even if you’re lucky enough to be in the field you went to school for! Finding balance between work and life takes time, especially if you have a dramatic change after school. Paying your dues doesn’t end after graduating. They pretty much start with you first or second job, and the life outside of work!

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