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You graduated college, made connections, went to job fairs, went through the interview process, and are now working. Maybe your in your second career, or third. I did hear that most college grads change careers within their first five years of employment. But once you are in your first job, do you stop looking? Or do you keep up with the interview process and the job search?

Obviously if you’re in a position that you love, you won’t be interviewing on the side and search job sites everyday while networking with others. But the job search is something that you should keep up with. You should be aware of the job sites out there and know which ones work and which ones basically only have pyramid schemes. Job search’s also keep you aware of the hidden job market that I feel is the most valuable site…

Staying keen on the interview process is extremely valuable however. You may have to interview for a promotion, or for another job task in your same company. The best way is too stay in touch with your career counselor from your college. They can keep you informed on interview workshops and even let you know of alternative careers out there and better opportunities. You should never just settle with what your doing. Keeping your eyes open for newer and better opportunities is a smart move especially since you need to be selfish about your career.

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