Motivation Proclamation

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We all know motivation differs with every individual. It’s something that makes us pull the sheets off and get out of bed in the morning. We’re all working for something whether it be job security, money, satisfaction, or to overcome pure boredom.

Most people will opt to think they need a job to pay the bills so they can keep a roof over their head or pay for the necessities their family and loved-ones need to survive.  But dig deeper, wouldn’t your motivation be job security instead? If you’re in your job purely for the pay checks, then you’re going through the motions and not working to better yourself in your career which could lead to even more money.

This contradiction works all the way up the chain of motivation. Here’s the chain of motivation I feel might work the best:

Overcome boredom


Job security

Job satisfaction

Job accomplishment

Secure retirement for you and your family

In high school and college, boredom and money is pretty much all you need as a motivator until you finish school to tackle more challenging jobs. Security comes after graduation when you’re working hard to keep the job you spent years of college to obtain. With that comes satisfaction after your first taste of a raise or promotion. By now your goals are defining more and more every day and becoming more realistic and obtainable. You’re now accomplishing what you set out originally without even knowing the long term. I’m only assuming having a good retirement by doing all those things you wish you had time to do while working along with being able to provide for a comfortable living for your family as well is a good idea for the end of your career. I’ll get back to you in 30,40,50 years whenever that happens…

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