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Do you ever find yourself walking into a restaurant or a store or even to deal with the cable company only to relate with the employee your dealing with hatred of their job? It’s like it doesn’t even bother you that you’re upset with the employee since you are able to laugh it off and say, “I’ve been there…”  Then you give the advice of “why don’t you just get a new job if you hate the one you’re hate??”

After you severely get into that employee’s head and they decide to change jobs after the 5 seconds of thinking about it, they might realize that it may be the worse or best idea to deal with their situation.

Worst idea:

I’ve seen this before when someone with a great career just has a few things missing in their job such as a great boss or good co-employees, and then they just quit thinking that they can find a new job somewhere else. Now they end up struggling and needing to find a bar tending job (I’m not bashing the bar tending profession by the way, it’s just not considered a “Career”). They still can’t find another job and find themselves settling since they make wayyy more money right now.

Best idea:

You realize that you need to change your career, so when you wake up, on lunch breaks, nights, and weekends, you spend all your time looking for a new job on sites, networking, going to job fairs for example. You put in the time and thought about a better situation for yourself, and actually get hired with enough time to put in your two weeks or a fair amount of time for your last time to end on good terms without completely dumping all your work on other people. You may even take a pay cut, but if the situation is right, a pay cut may be worth keeping your sanity.

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