Meeting time: 9:00am until ??? Never Probably…

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My department is starting to have staff meetings every other week now. This is a great learning tool for myself since it involves every employee and everyone gets a voice. I can see every aspect of the department as well as see the frustration that others have. It may be that I’m a newbie, and frustration because of others hasn’t quite kicked in yet, but I can understand everyone else’s view.

What is valuable about staff meetings is that they give you a chance to get everything out on the table.  I found that I start understanding things that are vague to me in more depth. There are a million acronyms that my organization uses, and after hearing them a few hundred times, I’m starting to become a master at the new language.

The downfall of meetings is that they can be brutally boring. Like to the point where you start day dreaming about most ridiculous things. You can sometimes actually see the clock move backwards…it’s weird. But I had an art teacher in high school that gave me great advice. “If you have to be there, you might as well make the most out of it.” It does make sense.

Do yourself a favor the next time you’re stuck in a meeting and bring a notepad or something that will force you to pay attention and try to be active as much as possible. Even if it is all arguing and pointing fingers, you can use this to avoid being in the same situation in the future. Take what faults you see from your co-employees and figure out ways to improve on them, and also ways to avoid you making the same mistakes.

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