Hidden Job Market

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The job search now-a-days can prove to be a little frustrating. Jobs sites don’t always prove to be the best method since most of the jobs posted are for online survey taking or pyramid schemes. ( I have friends who will concur). But what’s interesting is how people just use a few sites, and then complain that there are no jobs!!

A small amount of advice that i can give is to search mostly on the “hidden job market.” This is taking the time to go straight to the jobs or companies/organizations that you want to directly. Always remembering that finding a job is a full time job!! If you’re right out of college, keep in touch with your advisors and career navigators. Jobs come to universities all the time for recruitment.

Here’s a story on how I found my job: I received an email from my university stating that there was a job fair directed towards a completely different degree than I received. I figured…why not! I went in figuring that i’m wasting my time, but knew I had nothing to lose, except some money since I needed my suits dry cleaned… I showed up dressed in a nicer suit than everyone else with my resume in hand. I then went to the only company i recognized, since the job fair was directed towards engineering and science majors. Started up a conversation with the recruiters, and went to an interview a few weeks later. Started a month later.

The point to all of this is that jobs can present themselves in the most random places. Take a chance on something other than job websites. You never know what will work out next time.

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