Are You Listening? Or Are You Talking?

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All companies have controversial aspects to them, things you don’t believe in to the point where you may leave a great position simply because of your morals. Some companies use sweatshops, some just laid off thousands of employees to outsource to another country, and some simply just don’t pay taxes, which may irritate you straight to the bone!

My department (Department of Interior)…(By the way, since I’m in HR, when you call to inquire about a job, make you sure you know that your applying for the government, a company, or an organization…Makes you sound a little smarter from the get go…just saying) has an extremely controversial program within the state of Nevada – The Wild Horse and Burro program.

Like most people who disagree with most things, they don’t take the time to dig and do the research on the actual purpose of the program. They take a snap judgment and stick to their ways. The Wild Horse and Burro program gets a bad rap since the Bureau of Land Management rounds up wild horses and sets them up for adoption across the world. This is all that most people know. And I’m giving this example because most companies out there do something similar. My last job required me to hire based off of personality and looks alone. That wore on me after a while.

But back to the WH&B program… The adoption program helps to keep the population of the wild horses down to avoid disintegration in land resources. Horses are projected to multiply by 4 in the next ten years. They estimate that there are 25,000 horses already. Without the help of the program, there can be over 100,000 horses struggling to find the resources they need to survive. The programs simply aides in protecting all horses as well as the wild land that is owned by the BLM.

It took my own curiosity to start asking some questions since I also had people around me who were as uneducated about the program as I was. This is very common in every company. When you start out, the best resource of information you have to find out about controversial issues is probably sitting next you, down the hall, or upstairs. Just ask!

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