Negligence Can Affect More Than Just Yourself

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Does the work you put time into actually get finished? Or do you let something slide and pull the saying of “I can finish this later.” And then never finish it… Do you either get too busy? Or just overwhelmed at the increasingly amount of work given to you each week.

Back in college, if you didn’t get complete your work, you simply get a lower grade, or sometimes nothing even happens. (Thank you to those professors!). But think about the ramifications if you don’t complete your work in your career. You may get a lower rating on an evaluation or even more, get demoted. If it’s a constant occurrence, it may lead to termination.

My department shows a double effect especially since I deal with other people’s pay, benefits, promotions, etc. All department s have others that are affected by your negligence, some more than others however. Is that a bigger fear to you, knowing that if you don’t complete your work in a timely manner, or at all, that another individual can be affected?

Think of the other people that be affected by what you do. If you can’t complete your work on time, it’s not a bad thing to talk to your supervisor to lessen your work load. It will only help you in the future. With a smaller amount of work, you will be about to focus more on one or two things rather five or six teaching you better time management and accuracy.

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