Can A Vacation Make You Work Harder After?

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I just recently got back from a small vacation and it really opened my eyes to my career goals. Usually you go to vacation spots that are completely different than your normal life, which makes sense. but this last vacation I went on wasn’t so different than what I’m used to, but different enough to open my eyes to what I want in life.

People’s priorities are all different. Some want security for their family, some want lavish items and big wallets, some just want peace and quiet and a good opportunity for their children, and some want a little of everything. Kinda like me. RIght now I think being stable enough to provide for family members in the future, having a place that fits me, having a toy or two, and enough savings to get your out of any trouble you may endure.

Since i really can’t travel with my job, vacations are all i get right now. It allows me to experience different things, and motivates me to work harder so I can see more in the future. This last trip I just took made me want to work harder in school, harder in my job, maybe consider new opportunities in the future, think harder about another possible degree to add to the masters, and opened my eyes to the heavy competition out there. Most people I saw blowing money on vacations are either crying inside from the debt they are about to experience, or just knowing their spending pocket money. Which one do you want to be in the future?

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PS: If you want to wakeboard, and don’t have a proper wake boarding handle to be towed from, don’t tear a stick off of a tree to use in place….Lets just say it took me a while to type this blog…





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