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I’ve pushed out more than 50 blogs to you ranging from how to deal with assistant managers as well as part time employees (Mostly directed to the retail industry), all the way to how to find a new job and what to expect on the first few months. The class I write for is over and I’m sure life will get in the way of blogging as often, but what I do want to do is to continue on the new job process.

My first job I was in for 5 years and still learned something new every day. Now, my new job I’ve only been in for 5 months and the learning curve is still peaking, but the information I’m absorbing is getting more complicated and is allowing me to become more of an asset in my department.

The blogging aspect of a new job has been great since I’m able to go back into the archives and see how my first month went and what I went through even before that. My best recommendation would be to follow my lead and write about your experiences. This way you can see how far you’ve gone even if you are way too hard on yourself and think you aren’t producing and wasting your time.

Whoever said it’s tough to get a job out there is ridiculous. It takes determination, sacrifice, and most important: TIME! You can’t just go on one website, find your perfect job, apply, and start the following Monday.

Also, after you do put in the time to obtain your new position, try to get as much out of it as possible!! Even if you hate it more than you can imagine, there is always something to get out of your new job. It can make you more knowledgeable on what you want for a future job. You also may hate the first few months, and then end up moving into another department and stay with the company for years. In my last job, there were over 100 employees, and after three months, only 15 original employees stayed, including me. 3 years later, I had my own store.

Stick with what you’re doing especially if you love the industry, the people around you, or the hours, or whatever… It will be worth it in the end!

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