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Spent all Friday night and all Saturday (10 hours that is) attending new student orientation for the MBA program. Yes I graduate in December, but apparently I slipped out of it every year. Anyways, there were some extremely beneficial speakers that really opened my eyes to the next step after graduation.

I find it’s extremely beneficial to work full time while going to school part-time since it teaches you how to juggle work, school, and most importantly: your life!! Some speakers had some regrets that work got in the way of life, and life got in the way of work. FInding that balance is strictly up to you, but it can have a great impact on others and yourself in the long run.

Something one of the speakers stated when he was attending the executive MBA program at Stanford really stuck with me. He said if you didn’t speak up and contribute to class, then you would be excused. This is what I will try to focus on in the next semester. I realized that I haven’t benefited from the MBA (as well as my bachelors) program as much as I could have. There are groups and organizations that i’ve missed out on since I was in one mind set: graduate and move on! But there’s a lesson here:

You won’t make any money, any REAL money while your in school. You’re focus should be long-term! Network as much as possible, go to school gatherings, spend more time on campus. This should all benefit you later on in life. Instead of focusing on right now and grades, money, etc., focus on what you plan on doing in 10-20-30 years. Use classes for their purpose: NOT to get an A, but to get the benefits of the knowledge and ability to learn.

One speaker stated that whatever you learned your first year of school will be obsolete by your third year. THis is a GREAT indicator that you should focus strictly long term. School teaches you how to learn, and when you stop the habits your learn in school, you immediately fall backwards!

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2 thoughts on “Grad School Orientation

    miriamgomberg said:
    August 17, 2011 at 5:18 pm

    Great advice Tom! I love contributing to class and I know you have a lot to offer. See you in a couple weeks. Miriam

      rtomsaxton responded:
      August 17, 2011 at 9:18 pm

      thanks again for reading! I can’t believe we start up again in less than two weeks!

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