Job Confusions

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I’ve now been done with grad school for 2 months now and have reverted back to the social media world to keep up with trends. I have some work to do. However I’ve, I constantly think about a career path to devote all my time and energy into. That’s the problem with being a business major I feel. There’s so many avenues and so many choices, making the right one is just the same as pulling a career path out of a hat and sticking with it no matter if you like the outcome or not.

How do people even know the path they choose won’t make them living a life of regret leading to poor choices, stress, anxiety, anger issues…i could go on. I think my major issue is that i know what interests me, i just find it hard to become an expert in that field because I wonder if i’m wasting my time or not.

But does making any strive to a new career ever a waste of time? Even the smallest of input into the field helps with the awareness and may even help with the discovery of a new idea. I guess once you figure out how much you wish to contribute to the field that you will then know what path is right.

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