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Day 1: A couple grand in the whole, a few friends happy with a couple of free samples, and no sales. No business license, no tax ID, no legality to sell as of yet. Ideas come and go and become more and more complex. A simple idea that can easily be transformed into a small business with 5-10 employees/volunteers, is now a multinational idea (in my head, of course). What’s difficult in the start is the extra hours. My partner and I work the corporate daily hours…and with kids, girlfriends, and the occasional softball game, starting a new venture can get put (and left) on the back burner.

Day 300(ish):  This is about the time we’ve been serious on taking our university and corporate knowledge and trying to plug it into a fresh idea. I’ve been given great advice by a number of people from different walks of life on how to focus on both careers, the ups and downs, and how to deal with the sacrifices. I think the biggest question I’ve had to ask myself is if working two careers is solely for the money, the headaches, maybe being interviewed by CNN (or a local newscast), or to simply bring an idea to life and create an empire.

I think when it comes down to it, the biggest excitement would be to see a final product in the hands of a random customer walking down the street. That would mean that the product would have brought enough interest to a customer to the point that they would take their hard earned money out of the pocket, and hand it over to my company. Celebrate rarely though, right? I’ll keep you posted on the progress and the craziness of the changes that are required to make a project come to fruition.


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