Going On Vacation Huh?

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Be aware of people who are going on vacation. There mind may shut down early leaving you room to take over and show what you are made of. You might be able to move just a little bit ahead of your co-employees by proving you can take over their work in their absence.

Vacations are sometimes very much needed but can set you back in some instances. If multiple people are gone, then it makes you look like your in charge of the office. You can start to make a name for yourself amongst other people you never deal with.


Are You Listening? Or Are You Talking?

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All companies have controversial aspects to them, things you don’t believe in to the point where you may leave a great position simply because of your morals. Some companies use sweatshops, some just laid off thousands of employees to outsource to another country, and some simply just don’t pay taxes, which may irritate you straight to the bone!

My department (Department of Interior)…(By the way, since I’m in HR, when you call to inquire about a job, make you sure you know that your applying for the government, a company, or an organization…Makes you sound a little smarter from the get go…just saying) has an extremely controversial program within the state of Nevada – The Wild Horse and Burro program.

Like most people who disagree with most things, they don’t take the time to dig and do the research on the actual purpose of the program. They take a snap judgment and stick to their ways. The Wild Horse and Burro program gets a bad rap since the Bureau of Land Management rounds up wild horses and sets them up for adoption across the world. This is all that most people know. And I’m giving this example because most companies out there do something similar. My last job required me to hire based off of personality and looks alone. That wore on me after a while.

But back to the WH&B program… The adoption program helps to keep the population of the wild horses down to avoid disintegration in land resources. Horses are projected to multiply by 4 in the next ten years. They estimate that there are 25,000 horses already. Without the help of the program, there can be over 100,000 horses struggling to find the resources they need to survive. The programs simply aides in protecting all horses as well as the wild land that is owned by the BLM.

It took my own curiosity to start asking some questions since I also had people around me who were as uneducated about the program as I was. This is very common in every company. When you start out, the best resource of information you have to find out about controversial issues is probably sitting next you, down the hall, or upstairs. Just ask!

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20% Of People Make 80% Of The Money

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This video opens your eyes to what you motivating factors are. It also expresses that you need to stand out of the crowd if you think you even have a chance at being that top 20% person in your workplace.

Think of what your motivating factors are! What drives you to go to work today, if it’s a paycheck…then that’s your drive, if it’s the thought of saving people or helping someone, there’s your factor. You learn your day to day work tasks while your at work, but keeping motivation is something that’s 24/7 and changes constantly.

Who Are You Motivating??

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Do you need to motivate others than yourself?? What’s the point since you have wayy more work on your own plate? Or is it actually beneficial to help create a new, exciting environment in your office? You may be what an old, low morale office actually needs to be more productive. It’s amazing how one new employee with a great attitude and a constant smile on their face can bring to the table.

Even if your terrible at your job (especially right away), if your motivated to learn more and will listen to others when they teach you, it can create a great working atmosphere that can have an end result in a more productive workplace.

Hidden Job Market

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The job search now-a-days can prove to be a little frustrating. Jobs sites don’t always prove to be the best method since most of the jobs posted are for online survey taking or pyramid schemes. ( I have friends who will concur). But what’s interesting is how people just use a few sites, and then complain that there are no jobs!!

A small amount of advice that i can give is to search mostly on the “hidden job market.” This is taking the time to go straight to the jobs or companies/organizations that you want to directly. Always remembering that finding a job is a full time job!! If you’re right out of college, keep in touch with your advisors and career navigators. Jobs come to universities all the time for recruitment.

Here’s a story on how I found my job: I received an email from my university stating that there was a job fair directed towards a completely different degree than I received. I figured…why not! I went in figuring that i’m wasting my time, but knew I had nothing to lose, except some money since I needed my suits dry cleaned… I showed up dressed in a nicer suit than everyone else with my resume in hand. I then went to the only company i recognized, since the job fair was directed towards engineering and science majors. Started up a conversation with the recruiters, and went to an interview a few weeks later. Started a month later.

The point to all of this is that jobs can present themselves in the most random places. Take a chance on something other than job websites. You never know what will work out next time.

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This Water Cooler’s Not Big Enough For The Two Of Us!

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This video describes the horrors of spending all day watching training videos and reading training manuals that are impossible to absorb! You should think about what you do all day long and if there are any breaks  between doing jobs and tasks that you know how to do and understand, then you should try to just sit with a co-employee and watch what their doing.

This will also strike up new conversation amongst your new co-workers that will build stronger relationships in the office and a level of trust will be dramatically raised.

Monday’s almost here already??

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This is coming from the mind of the person when they are simply watching the fan blades move, or staring out into the window of the summer days that will soon be spend in doors. The weekend is over, and now you are about to count down the days until the next weekend. OR, do you flip this around and count down the days during the weekend until you get to sit at your favorite desk and complete the work that makes you complete?

Here are a few tips that i’ve provided that may help break up the work week and simply make you enjoy what your doing the other 5 days of the week.