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Day 1: A couple grand in the whole, a few friends happy with a couple of free samples, and no sales. No business license, no tax ID, no legality to sell as of yet. Ideas come and go and become more and more complex. A simple idea that can easily be transformed into a small business with 5-10 employees/volunteers, is now a multinational idea (in my head, of course). What’s difficult in the start is the extra hours. My partner and I work the corporate daily hours…and with kids, girlfriends, and the occasional softball game, starting a new venture can get put (and left) on the back burner.

Day 300(ish):  This is about the time we’ve been serious on taking our university and corporate knowledge and trying to plug it into a fresh idea. I’ve been given great advice by a number of people from different walks of life on how to focus on both careers, the ups and downs, and how to deal with the sacrifices. I think the biggest question I’ve had to ask myself is if working two careers is solely for the money, the headaches, maybe being interviewed by CNN (or a local newscast), or to simply bring an idea to life and create an empire.

I think when it comes down to it, the biggest excitement would be to see a final product in the hands of a random customer walking down the street. That would mean that the product would have brought enough interest to a customer to the point that they would take their hard earned money out of the pocket, and hand it over to my company. Celebrate rarely though, right? I’ll keep you posted on the progress and the craziness of the changes that are required to make a project come to fruition.


Job Confusions

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I’ve now been done with grad school for 2 months now and have reverted back to the social media world to keep up with trends. I have some work to do. However I’ve, I constantly think about a career path to devote all my time and energy into. That’s the problem with being a business major I feel. There’s so many avenues and so many choices, making the right one is just the same as pulling a career path out of a hat and sticking with it no matter if you like the outcome or not.

How do people even know the path they choose won’t make them living a life of regret leading to poor choices, stress, anxiety, anger issues…i could go on. I think my major issue is that i know what interests me, i just find it hard to become an expert in that field because I wonder if i’m wasting my time or not.

But does making any strive to a new career ever a waste of time? Even the smallest of input into the field helps with the awareness and may even help with the discovery of a new idea. I guess once you figure out how much you wish to contribute to the field that you will then know what path is right.

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Grad School Orientation

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Spent all Friday night and all Saturday (10 hours that is) attending new student orientation for the MBA program. Yes I graduate in December, but apparently I slipped out of it every year. Anyways, there were some extremely beneficial speakers that really opened my eyes to the next step after graduation.

I find it’s extremely beneficial to work full time while going to school part-time since it teaches you how to juggle work, school, and most importantly: your life!! Some speakers had some regrets that work got in the way of life, and life got in the way of work. FInding that balance is strictly up to you, but it can have a great impact on others and yourself in the long run.

Something one of the speakers stated when he was attending the executive MBA program at Stanford really stuck with me. He said if you didn’t speak up and contribute to class, then you would be excused. This is what I will try to focus on in the next semester. I realized that I haven’t benefited from the MBA (as well as my bachelors) program as much as I could have. There are groups and organizations that i’ve missed out on since I was in one mind set: graduate and move on! But there’s a lesson here:

You won’t make any money, any REAL money while your in school. You’re focus should be long-term! Network as much as possible, go to school gatherings, spend more time on campus. This should all benefit you later on in life. Instead of focusing on right now and grades, money, etc., focus on what you plan on doing in 10-20-30 years. Use classes for their purpose: NOT to get an A, but to get the benefits of the knowledge and ability to learn.

One speaker stated that whatever you learned your first year of school will be obsolete by your third year. THis is a GREAT indicator that you should focus strictly long term. School teaches you how to learn, and when you stop the habits your learn in school, you immediately fall backwards!

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Job Stuff

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I’ve pushed out more than 50 blogs to you ranging from how to deal with assistant managers as well as part time employees (Mostly directed to the retail industry), all the way to how to find a new job and what to expect on the first few months. The class I write for is over and I’m sure life will get in the way of blogging as often, but what I do want to do is to continue on the new job process.

My first job I was in for 5 years and still learned something new every day. Now, my new job I’ve only been in for 5 months and the learning curve is still peaking, but the information I’m absorbing is getting more complicated and is allowing me to become more of an asset in my department.

The blogging aspect of a new job has been great since I’m able to go back into the archives and see how my first month went and what I went through even before that. My best recommendation would be to follow my lead and write about your experiences. This way you can see how far you’ve gone even if you are way too hard on yourself and think you aren’t producing and wasting your time.

Whoever said it’s tough to get a job out there is ridiculous. It takes determination, sacrifice, and most important: TIME! You can’t just go on one website, find your perfect job, apply, and start the following Monday.

Also, after you do put in the time to obtain your new position, try to get as much out of it as possible!! Even if you hate it more than you can imagine, there is always something to get out of your new job. It can make you more knowledgeable on what you want for a future job. You also may hate the first few months, and then end up moving into another department and stay with the company for years. In my last job, there were over 100 employees, and after three months, only 15 original employees stayed, including me. 3 years later, I had my own store.

Stick with what you’re doing especially if you love the industry, the people around you, or the hours, or whatever… It will be worth it in the end!

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Can A Vacation Make You Work Harder After?

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I just recently got back from a small vacation and it really opened my eyes to my career goals. Usually you go to vacation spots that are completely different than your normal life, which makes sense. but this last vacation I went on wasn’t so different than what I’m used to, but different enough to open my eyes to what I want in life.

People’s priorities are all different. Some want security for their family, some want lavish items and big wallets, some just want peace and quiet and a good opportunity for their children, and some want a little of everything. Kinda like me. RIght now I think being stable enough to provide for family members in the future, having a place that fits me, having a toy or two, and enough savings to get your out of any trouble you may endure.

Since i really can’t travel with my job, vacations are all i get right now. It allows me to experience different things, and motivates me to work harder so I can see more in the future. This last trip I just took made me want to work harder in school, harder in my job, maybe consider new opportunities in the future, think harder about another possible degree to add to the masters, and opened my eyes to the heavy competition out there. Most people I saw blowing money on vacations are either crying inside from the debt they are about to experience, or just knowing their spending pocket money. Which one do you want to be in the future?

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PS: If you want to wakeboard, and don’t have a proper wake boarding handle to be towed from, don’t tear a stick off of a tree to use in place….Lets just say it took me a while to type this blog…




Negligence Can Affect More Than Just Yourself

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Does the work you put time into actually get finished? Or do you let something slide and pull the saying of “I can finish this later.” And then never finish it… Do you either get too busy? Or just overwhelmed at the increasingly amount of work given to you each week.

Back in college, if you didn’t get complete your work, you simply get a lower grade, or sometimes nothing even happens. (Thank you to those professors!). But think about the ramifications if you don’t complete your work in your career. You may get a lower rating on an evaluation or even more, get demoted. If it’s a constant occurrence, it may lead to termination.

My department shows a double effect especially since I deal with other people’s pay, benefits, promotions, etc. All department s have others that are affected by your negligence, some more than others however. Is that a bigger fear to you, knowing that if you don’t complete your work in a timely manner, or at all, that another individual can be affected?

Think of the other people that be affected by what you do. If you can’t complete your work on time, it’s not a bad thing to talk to your supervisor to lessen your work load. It will only help you in the future. With a smaller amount of work, you will be about to focus more on one or two things rather five or six teaching you better time management and accuracy.

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Video Blogging Can Help With Job Interviews

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Video blogging will force you to watch yourself on a computer. It’s something that is hard to a lot of people , especially me!! Hearing just audio isn’t too bad for me, but seeing my face and thinking, “man, that’s what people are seeing when they talk to me??!!”can be a little strange at times.

But if you can be comfortable talking and watching the video of yourself, your confidence in the interview process will go up dramatically!